About Nottinghamshire Biodiversity Action Group


Nottinghamshire Biodiversity Action Group (BAG) is one of the largest and most active local biodiversity partnerships in the country, with nearly 50 partners spanning the public, private and voluntary sectors. The Local Biodiversity Action Plan (LBAP) process was launched in Nottinghamshire in 1997 and in 1998 Action for Wildlife in Nottinghamshire: Local Biodiversity Action Plan for Nottinghamshire was published in response to the UK Biodiversity Action Plan (UK BAP), launched in 1994. The UK BAP was the UK Government’s response to the Convention on Biological Diversity, signed by 159 world governments, at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992.

Local Biodiversity Action Plans were proposed as a way of stimulating effective local action for national priorities identified in the UK Biodiversity Action Plan, as well as for species and habitats which are particularly cherished or valued in local areas. In Nottinghamshire’s LBAP, UK BAP priority species such as nightjar and water vole are listed alongside locally important species such as Nottingham crocuses, which do not feature in the national priorities, but are species characteristic of the county.

As a forum for the exchange of information, development of new habitat and species action plans and as a focus for nature conservation efforts, the Group has achieved an enormous amount.


The Biodiversity Action Group consists of a working subgroup: the Delivery Group, and a Steering Group made up of the chair of the subgroup along with representatives from the founding partners.  The Steering Group provides a steer to the work priorities of the partnership. The BAG employs one part-time co-ordinator, hosted by Nottinghamshire County Council. For minutes of meetings and further details of the organisation of the NottsBAG see BAG Business.

For information on our partners see Partners.

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